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Jarrah Floorboards Perth

Hardness kN (Janka): 8.5
Are looking at installing jarrah floorboards in your home or office? If you are, our team at Access Timber Flooring in Perth are here to help. Jarrah is also known as Eucalyptus marginata, which is one of the most common species of Eucalyptus trees in the south-west region of Western Australia and is only found there. A large sized hardwood, it is Western Australia’s principal tree in terms of both the extent of forest and in the versatility of its timber.

About Jarrah Timber

The tree and the wood are usually referred to by the Aboriginal name jarrah. Because of the similar appearance of worked jarrah timber to the Honduras mahogany tree, jarrah was once called Swan River mahogany after the river system that runs through Perth.

The tree grows up to 40 metres high with a trunk up to 3 metres in diameter. Jarrah trees have rough, greyish-brown, vertically grooved bark which is fibrous and sheds in long flat strips. The bark is rough, covering the whole trunk to the smallest branches and is similar to that of the stringybarks. The heartwood varies from rich reds to deep browns, with sapwood being a clearly distinguished pale yellow. The texture is coarse and generally straight grained, although some interlocked grain may feature.

Jarrah Floor Restoration & Applications Perth

Jarrah is perfect for a variety of applications.
Its long, straight trunks of richly coloured and beautifully grained termite-resistant timber make it valuable for flooring, cabinet making, panelling and outdoor furniture. Because of its remarkable resistance to rot, jarrah also is used to make hot tubs.

​Jarrah also is used in musical instrument making, for percussion instruments and guitar inlays. Jarrah flowers can be used to make honey, but its wood is its main use.

Looking to update your already existing jarrah floorboards? A jarrah floor restoration can revive the richness of your floors, creating warmth in your home and improving overall property value.

Examples of Jarrah Timber Flooring

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To see how jarrah timber flooring can be a great addition to your Perth home or office, come in and see our showroom in Subiaco, or send us an email and we can send you more photos. If you’d like to find more about our jarrah floorboard prices, request a quote today. 

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