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Hardness kN (Janka): 9.0
Sydney Blue Gum gets its name, not only from the prevalence of the tree in Sydney, but to the bluish tinge of the tree’s bark. It can be found outside of Sydney, in fact, it can be found all along the New South Wales coastline from Bateman’s Bay to the south of Queensland. A tall tree, it grows to an average height of about 65m, with a straight trunk free of leaves on the bottom two–thirds of the tree.

The timber produced from Sydney Blue Gum is heavy, reasonably hard and moderately course, with a straight grain. It is easy to work, fix and dress and has been extensively used in a variety of structural and appearance applications, including flooring, joinery, furniture, domestic and commercial construction, cladding, panelling and boat building.

Examples of Sydney Blue Gum

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