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Hardness a (Janka): 9.1
Looking to install Karri timber flooring for your Perth home or office? If you are, our team at Access Timber Flooring can help. Eucalyptus diversicolor, commonly known as the Karri, is a eucalypt which is native to the higher rainfall areas in the south west of Western Australia, favouring light loamy soils of good depth.

Karri is known as the giant tree of Western Australia. It has quite rapid growth, and can attain enormous dimensions. The Karri tree can often exceed heights in excess of 50 metres, making it one of the tallest species in the world.

Available in Various Colour Combinations
It has white to cream-coloured bark that changes to brown as it matures and is shed. As the bark is shed, the predominantly white trunk takes on a patina of colours, from white to grey to deep brown. It is this effect from which the botanic name derives.

Karri wood is a beautiful mahogany colour, lighter in colour than jarrah. The heartwood varies from rich reddish browns through to pale pinks, with the sapwood being a clearly distinguishable light yellow. The texture is coarse and considerable interlocked grain may be a feature. It is used extensively in the building industry, particularly in roofs due to the length and uninterrupted knot-free nature of the trunk.

Karri honey is widely sought after for its light colour and delicate flavour. Tourism to this area is also supported by the Karri.

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